A total body cardio and strengthening class that utilizes the step as well as multiple resistance tools for a fun calorie burning workout.
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IXL Rhinebeck Class Descriptions

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Abs & Intervals
This 45 minute class focuses on strengthening the abdominals and entire body through intervals of strength & endurance with a focus on abdominal and glute work.
Aerobic Dance
A true mix of dance and exercise led by an experienced and accomplished dancer- Dynamic, musical and fun, this class is geared both to dancers and non dancers. Come and sweat for fun!
Body Blast
This class engages all your muscles, based on the principles of Pilates, with a non-stop total body workout "tabata style". Always a focus on the core, this class uses stability balls, hand weights, and body bars. It's more then just physical fitness here. Body Blast teaches you athletic knowledge for a fit future-one squat at a time. This class is designed to exercise at your own level.
Cardio Sculpt
Cardio and strength training class. ALL LEVELS WELCOME regardless of ability, experience, age. Segments of basic step and floor routines interspersed with segments of strength exercises using free weights and body resistance. Varying levels of intensity are offered for each exercise segment.
Cardio, cardio, and more cardio. Experience the thrill of the race and a personal victory like no other. Each individual body seeks a steady rhythm while the power of music helps to assist finding that rhythm. Explore your inner strengths in this easy to follow and highly motivating, heart pounding cycling class. Sign up required 24 hours in advance. All fitness levels welcome!
F.I.T (Fitness Interval Training)
45 minutes. Fitness Interval Training is a high intensity, low choreography old-school 45 minute workout. Combining cardio intervals with weight training intervals to get your whole body workout in one! Studies have shown interval training leads to better, faster results. All levels welcome and all moves can be modified to your fitness level.
Full Body Conditioning
A 45 minute class full of intense drills that will get your heart pumping and reshape your entire body.
Kettlebell Intervals
50 minutes of cardio and strength using kettle bells, battle ropes , plyo boxes and free weights.  This power hour of fitness is led by Master Trainer Bill Stavru. Don’t miss this challenging workout!
This mat class is a series of floor exercises designed to realign and strengthen your body, with concentration on your abdominal muscles or "core". Your first class might concentrate on breathing and posture, and when you are prepared your trainer will gradually move you into the exercises.
A total body strengthening and sculpting class that utilizes a variety of resistance tools to build lean muscle mass while reshaping your body.

Senior Fitness
A low impact aerobic class designed for the mature IXL member. Class begins with a gradual warm-up that will lead members gently into varying strengthening exercises followed with an aerobic conditioning segment.

Silver Sneakers
Classes designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. No floor work in these classes, chairs provided for seated execution of all moves.
Step & Sculpt
This invigorating class goes back and forth between intervals of classic step combinations that get your cardio going and strength intervals using weights and/or resistance bands that will tone and strengthen your body. This class is for all fitness levels.

A gentle workout combining elements of qi gong and yoga with relaxation and breath work techniques. The exercises are subtle in their execution, but powerful in their effect. We lengthen and stretch the body, release and let go of stress and toxins, create stronger balance and posture. The class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Students are encouraged to work within their own individual comfort zone.

Walking Club
Seasonal. Just as the title suggests. A group meets at a pre determined location and enjoys a relaxing walk in the outdoor elements. Bring a water bottle and wear sneakers. Get schedule from our front desk staff.
willPower & grace™
A sweaty, dynamic fusion of the fitness industry's most popular (and most effective) group exercise programs. This high energy class combines a cardiovascular mosaic of dance principles, callisthenic drills and yogic postures. It's equipment free, barefoot, and infused with positive, strengthening philosophy. willpower & grace™ is not just a class, it is a discipline, an easy to follow, linear, strong and focused program for students of all levels. BAREFEET RECOMMENDED. All fitness levels welcome!
Yoga at IXL
ALL LEVELS YOGA: an open class suitable for beginners and people with experience. We combine mindful movement, alignment, and breathe to renew body, mind, and spirit. Modifications and adjustments are provided.
GENTLE YOGA: an introduction to basic yoga poses. This class emphasizes stretching, body alignment, and the coordination of breathe with movement. This class is designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility. Gentle yoga is for people new to yoga or those that are experiencing join sensitivity, overall stiffness due to lack of activity, or other physical limitations. All yoga classes end with deep relaxation and a guided visualization to help release tensions and reduce stress.
FLOW YOGA: An active class that invigorates the body, quiets the mind, and brings a sense of balance and well-being to your life. Special attention will be given to sequencing with the breath, proper alignment of postures, and developing a sense of mindfulness. Come prepared to have fun and be challenged. Experience recommended.
ACTIVE YOGA: Promotes physical endurance as well as flexibility. Emphasis is placed on the wave-like motion of breath. Flowing posture sequences that increase muscular strength and rand of motion will loosen and lengthen while calming the body and mind. Experience recommended.
RESTORATIVE YOGA: More specific to the individual needs of the class members with attention to previous injuries and/or special needs. Special attention will be given to proper alignment of poses.
VINYASA YOGA: Focuses on a dynamic and unique sequencing of exercises while incorporating all elements of yoga to achieve harmony and balance. By linking breath with movement this class challenges students by offering advanced postures at a rigorous pace.
A fun and easy "feel-happy" workout. A fusion of Latin and International music and dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.